What’s The Best Dental Crown For Your Tooth?

The restoration of a broken tooth’s appearance and functionality has traditionally been accomplished with affordable dental crowns. These tooth-shaped caps assist in tooth restoration and smile enhancement.

If your orthodontist advises that you require a dental crown, you might have two inquiries: 

What is a crown? Which kind of crown is ideal for each other?  What are crowns for teeth? Reading this short guide, you can better comprehend the many different types of caps for a tooth.

We’ll now discuss a few common types of crowns to help you maintain your beauty for the years to come. 

Continue reading to find out which crown components work most effectively to keep you feeling and looking like regal out of the four you could contemplate.

Here Are Some Dental Crowns That Might Be The Perfect Fit For You

Gold Crowns

In reality, gold crowns are made of copper mixed with other elements like chromium or chromium. Therefore, the sturdiness and longevity of gold crowns are their key advantages.

Based upon every patient’s demands, Goose Creek Dentists advise gold crown as the best choice for rear repairs. However, gold crowns are a limited option nowadays due to their hue and appearance.

Similar to metal caps, golden crowns are more noticeable in your teeth and are typically placed on molars. They both tend to enlarge and constrict in response to temperature changes. 

While gold crowns are much more costly than metal ones but offer a longer prospective lifespan. 

Due to all these characteristics, they are a good choice for those who prefer the look of metallic caps but also are concerned about metallic sensitivity, frequently grip or brush their teeth, or prefer a method that is a little kinder to their natural teeth.

Ceramic Or Porcelain Crowns

A porcelain or ceramic cap is a terrific alternative for folks who might be allergic to metal. These choices look the most organic and don’t include any metal. You can color the porcelain or ceramic to resemble your teeth closely. 

As a result, either the front or rear of the mouth can use ceramic or porcelain crowns. This choice is less dependable than metal crowns and is more likely to chip or shatter over time. Moreover, crowns made of porcelain or ceramic are among the more affordable options.

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconium oxide, an organic white metal akin to platinum, is used to make zirconia crowns, a new crown type. You can collaborate with your dentist to determine its size, shape, and hue to create a natural crown, much like porcelain and ceramic crowns. 

Although it falls short of porcelain crowns in terms of natural appearance, it is still convincing sufficient that nobody will be able to tell that it is there.

Zirconia crowns also have the durability and strength of metal because they are made of metal. This allows for making them thin and conserving as much of your organic tooth structure. 

Zirconia is a lot more recent material; therefore, we are still determining precisely how often zirconia crowns will endure, but they could survive for decades with careful care. In addition, zirconia crowns, like titanium, are biocompatible, in contrast to other metal crowns. 

This implies that if you suffer from a metal sensitivity or allergy, they are unlikely to trigger a reaction, though you should still double-check just in case. 

Zirconia crowns are, therefore, a fantastic option if you’re searching for a crown that strikes a balance between a natural appearance and strength and longevity.

Metal Crowns

The best long-term substance to safeguard your teeth is a metal crown. Metal crowns are the most resistant crown kinds to crushing and grinding pressures, are seldom chipped, and are simple to detach.

The greatest crown for adults is silver or gold since it protects more good dental tissues and is soft on neighboring teeth. 

They are a fantastic long-term alternative because they benefit from wearing down more gradually than the natural tooth. Unfortunately, although great for restoring unseen molars, they are not currently fashionable options for front teeth.


Goose Creek dentist may provide affordable dental crowns of any substance you choose. A dental crown may benefit you in a wide range of ways. 

It can avoid the requirement for dental surgery by maintaining the structure, encapsulating a tooth after endodontic treatment, hiding cosmetic faults, treating decay, and even working in conjunction with other restorative dentistry to restore a broken tooth. It’s an adaptable technique!

Get The Best Suggestions For Your Dental Crown

Choosing the ideal fit for your teeth can be confusing, especially when you don’t have professional guidance. However, that’s not the case with our professionals at Smile Care 360. We guide you in every step of your dental crown procedure. So visit our clinic today or call (843) 410-4920.