Cosmetic Dentistry in Goose Creek SC

Do you feel a lowered confidence due to your misaligned teeth? Feel that it affects your lifestyle? Relax, there is a solution! With clear correct, you can easily improve your smile and bring back the confident smile in you.

What is Clear Correct?

Clear correct aligners are one of the most popular aligners in the dentistry market. It is a type of teeth straightening that includes wearing a plastic and clear aligner for a predetermined amount of time.

Clear Correct straightens teeth using a set of well-defined, handmade, detachable aligners that progressively shift teeth a little at a time, gradually straightening the teeth for a more youthful appearance.

Experience seamless smile with clear aligners that are based on qualitative research and medical input.

Why use Clear Correct aligners?

An increasing number of patients and clinicians choose transparent and clear dental aligners over conventional wires and brackets for malocclusion correction, citing benefits such as:

  • Appliances that are almost undetectable
  • There are no dietary limitations.
  • There are no obstacles to flossing or brushing.
  • Single-tooth motion that is regulated
  • Options for remote patient monitoring

Benefits of Clear Correct Dental Aligners


Clear aligners are more pleasant than conventional wires and braces.


It’s simple to take out your aligners and eat anything you want. When flossing, there are no wires to catch food or come in the way.


Some individuals won’t even know you’re using Clear aligners as they highlight your smile.

What is the period for Clear Correct aligners?

The transparent aligners in Clear Correct invisible braces must be changed on a regular basis. The frequency with which an aligner must be replaced and the number of aligners required throughout treatment are determined by the severity of the issue and the kind of therapy chosen.

What are the Treatment Options?

There are two treatment options for these aligners, namely: 

Clear Correct Limited 6 treatment:

The Limited 6 treatment option from Clear Correct gives a patient six pairs of Clear Correct aligners. Limited 6 is usually recommended to fix a small misalignment issue.

Clear Correct Exclusive 12 treatment:

A patient receives 12 pairs of aligners with the Limited 12 program.

However, in case you want some other options, consider getting an expert opinion on using other aligners like bridges or dental crowns.

What is the Aligner thickness of Clear correct?

Clear Correct aligners are created of a slightly thinner substance than traditional aligners. Clear Correct’s lighter texture may pretend to be less noticeable. One downside is that they are not as strong and long-lasting.

In case you’re still confused and want to have an expert opinion on the best clear aligners for teeth, book your appointment for clear aligners in South Carolina today!