Emergency Dentistry: What is it All About?

We know that you have been through excruciating pain due to cavities or other dental issues. After all those sleepless nights and intolerable work hours, you felt you needed emergency dental care.

Apart from cavities or other dental infections, people may also suffer from sudden teeth displacements due to accidents. Physical damages are not limited to external bodily injuries; the entire teeth and jaw structure may also suffer distortions.

While some people visit the dentist for routine checkups and scheduled treatments, you need emergency dentistry services in cases of accidents. Read on to learn more about dental emergency services and when you need them.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are those dental or oral problems that need immediate treatment to reduce extreme pain, bleeding, or save a tooth. Dental emergencies also include cases in which a person suffers from severe oral infections that may be fatal at times.

Dental emergencies depend upon the severity of the problem and the person’s choices. For instance, a simple case like a tooth chipping off can be considered an emergency by someone who gives importance to facial appearance.

If you are experiencing severe pain or injury to your mouth or face, seek an emergency dentist in Goose Creek, SC. Arrange an immediate appointment with your dentist if you have the following symptoms.

  • Extreme Pain

Toothaches are excruciating, and it doesn’t let a person lead an everyday life. If you are suffering from sudden toothaches, consult a certified dentist to immediately diagnose and treat the problem.

The leading cause of such severe pain is cavity formation. Until you visit the dentist, try cold compressions or over-the-counter medicines like painkillers if the pain is intolerable.

  • Bleeding

Severe and continuous bleeding from the gums may require dental emergency care. However, occasional gum bleeding is a common issue, which may occur due to reasons like over-brushing, flossing, cuts or abrasions from rough food items, or chewing tobacco. You may not require emergency dentistry services in such cases.

But if the bleeding is persistent, it may indicate a serious problem like cavity or plaque buildup, especially when it comes with severe pain and swollen gums. Such symptoms are not normal, and there may be an underlying health condition. Seek emergency help at once.

  • Displaced or Knocked-Out Teeth

This may result from an accident when there is a significant injury to the face. Don’t worry; modern dental care solutions can easily reinsert your lost tooth and preserve it, thus allowing you to get back to your regular dental structure.

However, you need to wash the loose or fallen tooth carefully without scrubbing or touching the root. If it’s possible for you, insert back the tooth into the socket it was in. If you are unable to do so, carefully store the tooth in a container of milk and let the dentist complete the reinserting process for you.

  • Missing Crowns

Dental crowns are placed on top of damaged teeth to protect them against external damages or infections. The dental crown may sometimes fall off partially or completely, leaving your tooth exposed to bacterial infections. Schedule an appointment with your dentist immediately to replace the broken or missing crown.

  • Dental Abscesses

A dental abscess is a severe condition in which a pocket of pus is formed due to bacterial infections. It may occur due to untreated cavities, and the cognition may even be life-threatening. Some common symptoms include bad breath, toothache, and fever.

Now You Know!

Treatment options may include root canal or tooth extraction. Seek emergency help from a trained Goose Creek dentist to prevent a dental abscess from advancing to severe stages. Lastly, remember, it is always advisable to reach out to a doctor as soon as possible!