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Over the years, dentistry has been innovated with new and better treatments, replacing many conventional ones. One example of such progress is Invisalign! It has successfully replaced metal braces and gained popularity among people. This is primarily because of the Invisalign before and after differences and the affordable cost. Tag along to learn all about the treatment.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign are custom-made trays used to correct your teeth’ alignment. What makes these trays so distinct is the transparency. Additionally, one has to replace these trays after every few weeks to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. One must continue the said procedure until one gets the desired outcomes and impact smile.

Whenever there’s a discussion between Invisalign vs. braces, people tend to point out that Invisalign serves the same purpose as traditional braces. Besides, many critical differences between traditional and Invisalign braces set them apart from all the other alternatives after visiting an orthodontist.

Correcting Different Dental Issues Using Invisalign

Invisalign has gained a lot of popularity, with everyone using this dental treatment to correct the alignment of their teeth. The benefits and visible differences in Invisalign before and after appeal are the primary reasons behind its popularity. Some of the prevalent of treatment include:

  • Easier To Monitor The Progress Made: Unlike traditional metal braces, it is effortless to monitor the progress made by anyone undergoing an Invisalign treatment. This allows patients to ensure that their dental treatment progresses in time.      
  • Better Dental Hygiene: Conventional braces cannot be removed very easily for cleaning and hygiene purposes. In the case of Invisalign, these transparent trays can be easily removed, further ensuring that you get full access to your teeth when cleaning them. 
  • Transparent: The biggest drawback of traditional braces is that they can ruin an individual’s smile as they are visibly glued to the front of the teeth. On the other hand, that is not the case with Invisalign, as they are fully transparent, meaning that anyone can hardly detect if you are wearing those braces. This is great for boosting the confidence of the patient in comparison to other Invisalign alternatives.
  • Hassle-Free Eating And Drinking: In the case of most dental treatments, patients often face trouble while drinking and eating. One will never encounter any such issue as the patient can simply remove the Invisalign braces while eating or drinking anything. 
  • Unmatched Comfort: Anyone who wears traditional braces has to deal with a lot of discomfort as these braces have to be glued to the teeth and tightened every once in a while for better effectiveness. That is not the case with Invisalign braces, as one can hardly experience any sort of discomfort wearing them. This makes them ideal for anyone who does not want to deal with the agony of wearing traditional braces.

What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign?

Multiple teeth alignment issues can generally trouble an individual. But the good news is that most of those issues can be easily corrected with Orthodontist Goose Creek SC. To help you understand better, here are a couple of prevalent teeth alignment issues that can be fixed through the treatment process.

  • Cross Bite: This is a condition where either a single tooth or multiple teeth located at the lower or upper jaw sit closer to the tongue or cheek than the lower or upper antagonist tooth or teeth.
  • Crowding: One of the most prevalent teeth alignment issues, crowding is a result of displaced or rotated teeth which can commonly be found in the lower front teeth of adults.
  • Underbite: Also known as prognathism, an underbite is a condition where the teeth in the lower jaw overlap or sit further forward than the teeth in the upper jaw. 
  • Tooth Gapping: This is a naturally occurring condition where the gum spacing is visible between two teeth or in case there is a gap left by a missing tooth. 
  • Open Bite: Instances, where the lower and the upper teeth fail to meet each other with the mouth closed, are often available bites. Conditions like these can often result in forming a gap that makes the tongue more visible than one would want it to be.
  • Overjet And Overbite: Overjet is when the upper tooth overshoots the lower teeth and points forward, often forming grinding. In contrast, overbite is where the upper teeth are visibly further along than the lower teeth.        

Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign

Q.1. How does Invisalign work?      

A- Invisalign enhances the teeth alignment of an individual with customized aligners. A nominal and constant pressure is exerted on the teeth until they are aligned appropriately. Once you wear the braces, every aligner will apply gentle pressure on the teeth. This will move the unaligned teeth to a fraction of a millimeter in two weeks.

Q.2. How does Invisalign work faster than braces?

A – Traditional metal braces that apply constant pressure on every tooth. But that is not the case with Invisalign that uses gentle pressure on just the teeth that need to be aligned. This effectiveness is the primary reason these braces are more efficient than traditional metal ones.

Q.3. How do dentists install Invisalign?

A – Installing Invisalign braces is more straightforward than traditional metal braces. The dentist will fit small-sized attachments to the teeth with this treatment to help the trays stay in position. This is a painless process; removing and wearing them again is no headache.

Q.4. Is Invisalign as effective as braces?

A – When fitted appropriately, Invisalign braces will apply subtle pressure on the affected teeth, which allows them to ensure predictable, effective treatments. In most cases, it has been observed that the approach is far more effective than traditional metal braces, so if you need to straighten your teeth. In case of any further confusion, it is better to research Invisalign alternatives.  

Q.5. Do Invisalign braces take longer?

A – No, Invisalign treatment does not take longer than traditional metal braces; instead, it is far more efficient. While traditional metal braces might take anything from 18 to 24 months, you can get even better results by using the braces for just 12 months. So wait no more, find the ideal Invisalign near me and get your treatment started!

Q.6. What do Invisalign braces cost?

A – The dental clinic we choose for treatment can influence the treatment price. To add to it, your case’s severity can significantly influence the price, but the Invisalign cost is certainly worth considering the outcomes.

Q.7. Do doctors recommend Invisalign?

A – Doctors recommend Invisalign in most cases as they are far more convenient and superior to traditional metal braces. Certain dentists will recommend traditional metal braces when the patient’s teeth are severely crowded. 

Q.8. Can Invisalign ruin your teeth?

A – In general, Invisalign braces do not cause any damage to the teeth. However, it is worth mentioning that the patient must adhere to all the instructions given by the dentist. This will ensure that nothing goes wrong with their teeth when wearing an Invisalign.

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