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What do you mean by General Dentistry?

The term “general dentistry” refers to a wide range of dental treatments that affect your overall dental health. The initial assessment and tests like X-rays, CT scanning, and wax molds are involved with your overall dental health.

In case you’re still confused about the overall process, consider visiting general dentistry near you to have all your confusion cleared.

List of Services provided by General Dentists?


Fillings are often used to restore teeth that have been eroded away due to overuse, such as those that have been chipped or fractured. Gold, amalgamation, mercury, porcelain, and composite resin are among the materials that can be used to fill teeth.


Dental crowns are a common treatment option for individuals who have teeth that are cracked, fractured, or worn down. A crown often referred to as a ‘cap,’ is a dental restoration that protects the tooth from future problems.


A dental bridge can be used to replace lost teeth. You may be stuck with a succession of unattractive gaps when you have broken any teeth as a consequence of an injury or sickness. 

A bridge serves as an anchor for restorative dentistry, and it is made of a fake tooth called a pontic that lies between two dental crowns. These crowns are placed over the tooth structure on each side of a gap, securing the fake tooth in place and ensuring a natural shape.

 Root canal therapy:

When the membrane or “pulp” within a tooth gets infected, this treatment is performed. A regular or general dentist can conduct this treatment.


This is essentially a pair of dentures. Dentures can assist if you have a lot of teeth broken as a consequence of an illness or accident. They are replaceable artificial teeth that resemble real teeth in appearance and function.

Cleaning of the teeth:

This might be in the shape of a ‘scale and polish’ or flossing and brushing tips.

Do I need General Dentistry Services?

General dentistry services can be availed by anyone. These general dental services deal with an array of everyday oral issues like:

  • Gum care
  •  Root canal therapy 
  • Inlays 
  • Dentures 
  • Veneers 
  • Implants
  • Preventative education. 

When visiting our general dentistry near you, you can expect a diagnosis, treatment, and every treatment that concerns your oral health care.

What are the Additional Services Provided by General Dentists?

Therapy for the mouth and maxillofacial region: This is the medical word for operations involving the mouths, face, and jaw. Surgery for temporomandibular joint disorders and dentistry implants are included (TMJ).

These are the most typical services provided by our general dentist care at Carolina general dentistry. Reach us out to get your answers to all the available treatments like whitening, dentures, and cosmetic bonding.