Role of an Orthodontist in Modern Dentistry

Dentistry is a huge field, and it has been evolving drastically over the past few years. With the developments in dental treatments, dental professionals aim to offer more painless solutions to improve the smiles of millions. Dentist in Goose Creek are such dental professionals who care about your smile and work towards improving it in the literal sense.

Role of an Orthodontist

Let’s have a look at the role of orthodontists in modern dentistry.

  • They deal with facial growth:

Orthodontists are responsible for improving your bad bites, improper alignment of teeth and jaw, and crooked teeth. They specialize in a person’s facial growth, biomechanics, orthodontics, and so on. They complete an additional three-year full-time training course to become certified as an orthodontist.

  • They are experts in various technologies:

Orthodontists are trained in using several technologies and machinery to address different dental issues among individuals of all ages, ranging from children to adults.

  • They work with aligners efficiently:

Aligners are popular orthodontic treatment options that help correct teeth alignment and save the tooth from wear and tear. However, to know whether an individual needs aligners, an orthodontist would diagnose your issues and determine the severity.

After diagnosing your issues, an orthodontist will determine the proper treatment procedure. They can also use 3D intraoral scans to create customized trays as a part of the treatment.

Next, they may proceed towards creating your customized aligners through 3D printing after examining the exact movement of your misaligned teeth. Once your aligners are ready, they will undergo various quality assurance and polishing stages before the final delivery.

  • They are experts in using dental devices:

Apart from aligners, orthodontists are specialized in using removable dental devices like braces, bands, retainers, etc., to improve one’s smile. They use these devices to treat dental abnormalities like bite problems, including overbites, crossbites, underbites, and crooked teeth.

Some of the other issues that an orthodontist treat include spaces between teeth, temporomandibular disorders (TMD), overcrowding of teeth, and problems in the jaw.

  • They can provide preventive tips: While a general dentist in Goose Creek or elsewhere would discuss preventative measures to avoid oral infections and diseases, an orthodontist would help you to prevent any potential teeth misalignments that may occur with age.
  • They value your smile: Tooth or jaw misalignments can hamper your smile, thus affecting your overall facial appearance. Orthodontists are trained in diagnosing, preventing, and treating facial irregularities while addressing other dental issues.

For instance, after you have got your tooth extracted, you may want to solve your misplaced tooth arrangements that may occur over the years. You will want to visit an orthodontist to ensure you have an attractive smile, as always.

Difference Between Orthodontists and Dentists

Many people are confused about the role of orthodontists and how they are different from general dentists. Both orthodontists and dentists are responsible for improving our overall dental health.

An orthodontist is similar to a general dentist in many ways. Both focus on improving a person’s oral care, and both work in a dental office. Both the professionals deal with teeth, gums, jaw, and nerves.

However, orthodontists are specialized in improving your teeth’ alignment to provide better smiles. In short, if you value your facial appearance and like to look better, orthodontists are the perfect choice for addressing your misaligned teeth and gum structures.

Orthodontist Specialists require additional schooling to correct misaligned teeth by fitting braces and other corrective devices. So, if you have bad bites or corked teeth, a dentist will refer you to a certified orthodontist.