Sedation Dentistry in Goose Creek, South Carolina

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Sedation Dentistry in Goose Creek, South Carolina

Dental anxiety should never keep you from enjoying the benefits of a healthy smile! At Smile Care 360, we offer dental sedation to make your time with us as stress- and pain-free as possible!

At Smile Care 360, we are dedicated to providing the best oral care to our patients through convenience, honesty, and integrity. This is why we offer dental sedation options to make your next visit a calm and comfortable experience. Whether you have dental anxiety from a previous experience, or you have a major procedure coming up, you can rest easy knowing that we will make your next appointment a relaxing one!

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What Is Sedation Dentistry?

If you suffer from dental anxiety, have a low pain threshold, or have a physical condition that makes it difficult to receive the care you need, dental sedation may be right for you. Sedation dentistry uses sedatives or anesthetics to help you relax during a dental appointment. The goal of sedation is to create a stress- and pain-free dental care experience and ease your anxieties about going to the dentist's office.

At Smile Care 360, we offer sedation in combination with local anesthesia to numb the treatment area and put your mind at ease. Be sure to discuss your care needs with our dentist to determine if you are a candidate for sedation dentistry.

What Is Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas is a form of inhaled minimal sedation. It is very mild and has little-to-no side effects. The sweet-smelling gas is combined with oxygen and administered to the patient through a small mask placed over the nose. Laughing gas can be combined with a local anesthetic for a variety of procedures.

It is recommended for patients of all ages, including young children to help them relax and sit still during treatment. Once the gas is turned off, the effects wear off quickly.

What Is Oral Sedation?

This sedation option is administered orally as a pill or liquid. While under oral sedation, patients become deeply relaxed and drowsy but remain conscious throughout the treatment. The dosage can be adjusted depending on the patient’s needs to provide a deeper level of sedation. Oral sedation can be combined with local anesthesia to put patients into a state of deep relaxation during a variety of dental procedures.

It is recommended that patients have someone drive them home after treatment to allow the medication to pass through their system safely.

Sedation Dentistry

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Yes, sedation dentistry is safe. Our team is highly trained. We have the experience and expertise to administer sedation to you or your children safely. To determine if you are a candidate for sedation dentistry, be sure to talk to our dentist during your next visit.

Do You Accept Walk-ins And Same-day Appointments?

Yes, we do. Smile Care 360 offers convenient morning and evening appointments, Saturday hours, and emergency availability. Should you walk in, we will see you as soon as scheduling permits.

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Do You Accept Insurance?

Yes, we accept most insurance plans, including Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Concordia, MetLife, and FedVIP. We also offer affordable financing options through CareCredit and our in-house payment plans. Be sure to ask about our Dental Savers Plan if you are uninsured!

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Our Dental Amenities

Flat-Screen TV

Flat-Screen TV

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Relaxing Music

We strive to maintain a calm and soothing atmosphere.

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Beverage Bar

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Blankets and Pillows

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Sedation Dentistry in Goose Creek, South Carolina

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