Should Your Child Get Braces?

Children are at a stage in their lives when their teeth are still developing. This makes it very important to ensure their teeth are taken care of effectively to rectify all significant issues early. However, taking your child for a dental visit at orthodontist specialists Goose Creek is never accessible, and getting them excited about braces is a whole different story. 

Many children often resist going to a dentist, making it very challenging to maintain their oral health when your child needs braces. The issue does amplify.

This further raises the question if your child needs to get braces? What are the consequences if they do not get one? Continue reading to learn all about such complications.   

Consequences Of Your Child Not Getting Braces

There are many benefits to your child getting dental braces. However, if you choose not to get one, here are some consequences you need to keep an eye out for.

  • Cross Bite:

    This is a condition where either a group of upper teeth or even a single tooth sits behind the opposing bottom teeth. This can happen in any area of the mouth, including the side or the front of the mouth. In most cases, this often results in a narrow upper jaw. While they can quickly rectify such issues at younger ages, they can cause some unresolved issues when left untreated. In mild cases, it can result in uneven wear, and in severe cases, it can even crack or chip teeth. 

  • Spacing Issues And Minor Overcrowding:

    Spacing and overcrowding are dental issues that can haunt one for an entire lifetime. Thus, getting these issues rectified by a dentist in Goose Creek is always recommended. Yet if you choose not to get your child dental braces for the purpose, they better be careful when cleaning their teeth for a lifetime. There can be tiny nooks, overlaps, and crannies resulting from overcrowding. It can even make it challenging to floss and brush your teeth normally. 

  • Open Bite:

    This is a condition where the front teeth cannot meet even when the jaws are closed. This can make it very challenging for one to chew and, in some cases, even speak appropriately. In more severe cases, one can even experience problems with temporomandibular joints that connect the jawbone to the skull. Since teeth cannot meet adequately, it can cause extensive fatigue and discomfort in the long run. According to the dentist in Goose Creek, common signs include neck pain, headaches, earaches, jaw pain, and facial pain.        

  • Over Jet:

    Also known as buck teeth, overjet is a condition where there is an excessive protrusion of the top teeth beyond the bottom teeth. This condition mainly occurs in a horizontal position, and it can cause many complications in the long run. When requirements get severely increased, overjet sees the front teeth more susceptible to external trauma. The complications resulting from these issues are not something anyone would want to live on with it. Thus, it is better to consult an orthodontist specialist in Goose Creek and get the problem rectified at the earliest. 

  • Facial Development:

    When cases get severe, and teeth are not aligned properly, it can have adverse consequences. When left untreated for a long time, these issues can disrupt the shape of the face, which can only rectify with complex surgical processes. Therefore, fixing these issues in the early stages can help one save a lot in the long run.

Final Thoughts

People often look at orthodontic treatment as an optional or unnecessary expense. However, it does not take time for people to change this perception when things get out of hand. So the smart thing to do here is not to handle dental issues for granted and get your child treated by a trusted dentist.