What Can We Eat After A Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implants have now become one of the most prevalent dental treatments leveraged by people with a missing tooth or teeth. Someone who might not have been able to talk, eat, and smile appropriately because of a missing tooth can get dental implant surgery to restore things to normal. However, this does not happen instantly because things take time with such treatments. There are specific post-surgery food guidelines that one needs to follow to ensure speedy recovery with little to no complications. Therefore, let us look at the food items that we can eat after getting dental implants Goose Creek SC.

Immediately After The Surgery

  • After we are done with the surgery, we can remove the gauze sponges to eat something. However, it is recommended that in the first 24 to 48 hours of the surgery, we must only consume liquid food items. Also, make sure not to use a straw for at least two weeks after the surgery.
  • Apart from that, the chances are that the dentist in charge will provide us with the dietary guidelines on dental implants at least for the first week, so the best thing to do is comply with those guidelines to avoid any adverse circumstances.        

First Three Months After The Surgery

  • The first three months after having a dental implant surgery, we need to give our mouth sufficient time to heal. This is the time when our implant integrates with our jawbone. Therefore, it is highly recommended that we do not consume any type that requires us to chew the food.
  • This “no-chew” diet could constitute mashed avocado, beverages, milkshakes, liquid protein supplements, cottage cheese, pudding, fruit juices including pulp or even nectar, milk, seedless smoothies, and of course, water.

Food Items That Can Be Consumed After Crossing The Three Month Threshold

After we have passed the three-month threshold, we can start consuming food that does not require much chewing. Some of these food items include:

  • Scrambled Eggs With Soft Cheese:

This is a delicious treat for our tongue that has been missing out on tasty food for a very long time. Eating scrambled eggs with soft cheese could be great for us at this moment because they are easy to chew, and they also offer many nutritional values that can be great for enhancing our oral health.

  • Cooked Cereals:

The next item on the list is cooked cereals known for being both nutritious and easily chewable. One can try some oatmeal paired with finely smashed berries, preferably blueberries. Some wheat cream or soft cheese being added to the combination can make a massive difference to the taste of the meal.

  • Sweet Potatoes:

This is the perfect food for anyone recovering from dental implant surgery. Sweet potatoes can be boiled and mashed finely to ensure that the patient can easily chew them. Additionally, sweet potato is an excellent source of vitamin C, which is perfect for enhancing the health of our gums.

Wrapping Up

Anybody who has undergone surgery knows how challenging the post-surgery period can be, more so because we cannot eat the food of our choice. However, the best dental implant surgery rewards are genuinely appreciable and worth all the efforts and hardships once we are past that phase.