When Should You Consider Visiting An Orthodontist

We often tend to avoid smiling even when we are happy if we’re someone with a missing, stained, or crooked tooth. It can be embarrassing in public! So basically, this is the appropriate time that we consider visiting an orthodontist. Orthodontists and dentists in Goose Creek SC are individuals who have undergone extensive training to become well-versed with dental treatments.

They are the people who can offer us all sorts of dental treatment based on our requirements. However, it can sometimes be challenging to determine the ideal time to visit an orthodontist. Many different factors can play their part when visiting an Orthodontist Goose Creek SC. Therefore let us take a look at these factors.

  • Conventional Braces:

These braces are held together with metal brackets that hold on to our teeth. Therefore, anyone in need of traditional braces will need to visit the orthodontist to fix the braces, which will take about two hours.

The visits that follow should not take more than fifteen to twenty minutes. We recommend that anyone with traditional braces visit their orthodontists at least once every month or two. This will help the orthodontist evaluate the condition and progress of our treatment.

  • Invisalign:

This is a dental treatment where the orthodontist will use different trays made of plastic to correct the alignment of our teeth. At the most, two visits to an orthodontist are more than enough to carry out the affordable invisalign treatment.

The first visit would be dedicated to consultation and evaluating the condition of the teeth to devise a workable plan of action for the treatment ahead. The second visit will be devoted entirely to the treatment. However, one must further visit the orthodontists at least once in four to six weeks to monitor the progress and discuss issues.

  • The Age Of An Individual:

Our age plays a crucial role in determining when we need and when we might not need medical attention. Adults might not need to visit an orthodontist very often as their jaw and teeth are already.

However, that is not the case with children and teenagers as their teeth and jaws are still developing. This means that their jaws and teeth are less dense. This also has an advantage because children can correct their teeth and jaws more quickly as they do not require as many adjustments or pressure as an adult might need.

  • Compliance:

The final determinant of how often one must visit an orthodontist is how well we comply with the guidance provided by our orthodontists. For instance, in case we have recently undergone an Invisalign treatment, and the orthodontist provided us with specific guidelines that we must adhere to for the treatment to be a success. Hence if we fail to adhere to those guidelines, then chances are that we might have scheduled an appointment with our orthodontists more often than we would imagine.


We often fail to understand or realize that when our orthodontists recommend that we visit them regularly, they ensure that we have the smile we always wanted. An orthodontist will monitor our teeth and mouth after undergoing any type of treatment, be it Invisalign, braces, implant, or any other dental treatment for that matter. Therefore, always listen to what the orthodontist has to say or recommend and reduce the risk of damaging overall oral health.